My HTC TyTN looks fine and well on the outside, but inside it’s a different story. It still powers up but the touchscreen doesn’t work — it won’t register any input or rotate into landscape mode with an open qwerty keypad. None of the hardware buttons work either. That my friend who was using it dropped it in some unnamed liquid-filled vessel (i.e. the toilet) might have something to do with it.

But when I got it back in December of 2006 it seemed like there was nothing it couldn’t do. At the time I was using a Windows laptop, and my web host of the day offered an Exchange Server for next to nothing — so I was able to reap all the benefits that the Microsoft ecosystem provided.

But all this power came at the price of battery life. I can distinctly remember going from a full charge to nothing in the space of about twenty minutes. Part of the problem was that Rogers had just lit up their HSDPA network in Toronto. Another issue was that I was always using it.

My TyTN’s star turn was a trip to Seoul, Korea to ring in 2007. Later that spring I moved on and handed it over to the same friend who bought and subsequently broke my Treo. At least he didn’t drop it in the toilet, though — that was someone else…