Danger hiptop

I no longer have my first-generation Danger hiptop, but I do have this T-Mobile dummy model — they call it the Sidekick down south.

Those fat and squishy rubber keys made it just about the best qwerty smartphone ever. The hiptop also had a persistent, proxied connection to the Internet; you can read more about that in the blog entry I posted when I first got one.

Hot stuff! Here are no less than three hiptop2s hanging out on my stove. If I remember correctly I had already upgraded to the second-gen model but wanted a backup device, and due to a screwup at Fido I somehow ended up with one more.

Thanks to its built-in loop I was able to adorn my hiptop with all manner of cell phone charms. This oversized Docomodake was really just for show — ordinarily I’d be sporting a much more tasteful ninja.

And here’s the hiptop that could have been. Fido was all set to start selling the hiptop3, but by then they had been fully assimilated into the evil Rogers empire and the order was cancelled. I can almost hear CEO Ted cackling from the boardroom: “Unlimited data? I don’t think so!”

Shortly thereafter I gave up my hiptop2 and moved on. You can read my requiem for it here.