Handspring Treo 270

I must admit that gazing upon Handspring’s first colour Treo has me trembling just a little bit… My first smart/world phone was so clearly ahead of its time (in 2002) — in fact, the only other handset that caught my eye that entire year was Nokia’s 7650, which cost twice as much and didn’t work in North America!

And here’s the review that convinced me to buy it.

2002 would prove to be a very good year for travel, and my Treo proved to be an excellent travel companion. Here’s us on Capital Hill, me checking my imaginary wristwatch for a non-existent appointment. G-Men wear polka dots, don’t they?

Here’s us in Melbourne, Australia with comedy duo Scared Weird Little Guys, and a mutual friend back in Canada on speakerphone.

And here’s Ray Deonandan, whom I took pity on when the hinge of his Treo broke. After I sold him mine he broke the hinge on that a month or so later. I’ll never forgive myself for not keeping it…

Relax, the video embedded above isn’t actually ninety-one minutes, more like three and a half. I had forgotten that the 270 didn’t support GPRS when it shipped, making the Treo the lucky recipient of my first-ever firmware upgrade!