Sony Ericsson T610/T616/Z600

I believe the expression “Sony guts” would apply here. Though very different on the outside, Sony Ericsson’s T610 and T616 candy bar phones share the same specs with the Z600 flip. And really, the only thing separating the T610 and T616 is the 900Mhz compatible radio in the former, and 850MHz support for the latter.

I personally owned all three. I sold my T616 but never found another home for my T610, shown above. And who’s that dashing young man I’ve got in my wallpaper? Here’s a hint.

I didn’t just trick out my T610 with wallpapers, ringtones and games… I also bought this tricked-out Bluetooth-controlled car. You could drive it via the joystick on your phone, barely. And what really sucked was that the car would only take a charge from the phone, sucking up precious battery.

Back to the phone, you can read Steve Punter’s February, 2004 review of the Fido-branded T616 here.

The strip of photos above (via this Korean blog) pretty much shows you that the Z600 was all about the changeable covers. I’ve still got a couple in my drawer, along with that game controller.

You can see MobileBurn’s gallery of the controller (and car)  here, and their review of the Z600 here.

If you were wondering how photos were from either camera, well… they were exactly like this.