Nokia N86

Here’s the Nokia N86 outside of Taipei 101 in November, 2009. WOM World graciously loaned me this legendary Nseries device for a points-burning run around the world. Okay, mostly Asia.

My interest in this particular Nokia can be traced a bit further back to this photo, in which a Mr. James Whatley bungee-jumps over Victoria Falls with an N86 strapped to his wrist. Now that’s a rockstar blogger…

A hallmark of the N86 was its full-frame video sensor; though output was limited to 640×480 pixel VGA resolution, you could use the entire 8 megapixel sensor for zooming, as per the example above.

In addition to that pan-Asian jaunt my N86 also travelled with me to Moscow in the spring of 2010, and took some fantastic photos there.

And in September of 2011 my N86 accompanied me on a trip to Kenya. Nokias were, as you’d expect of the developing world, very popular in Mother Africa. But I was entirely caught off-guard by the pervasiveness of Android in shops and in ads on local TV.

Ah, but I’m getting ahead of myself…