Mitsubishi mova D251i

Here’s the “dusty rose” (pink) version of this early 2000s vintage DoCoMo camera phone, courtesy of an online auction. Why the pink one? Because that’s exactly what JCR rented to me for my second-ever trip to Tokyo in January, 2003.

The handset was made by Mitsubishi, which I figured out from its entry in the Japanese version of Wikipedia. Additional  photos of the non-pink version can be seen here. And waddaya know, DoCoMo’s 2002 press release for the D251i is still online:

The company’s i-shot service, which allows users to transmit still images taken with compatible mobile phones that feature built-in digital cameras, was launched on June 1, 2002, and it quickly became popular among users… The mova D251i phone is compatible with Sony’s Memory Stick Duo and is capable of saving a total of 1,670 photos.

Keep that memory stick in mind as you read Chapter 16, which should be up tomorrow…