I wrote a book!

cover art

After a week of furious formatting and a weekend of final checks, I’m pleased to announce that the first, finished edition of My Phone Book is ready for download. Not at Amazon, Chapters, Barnes & Noble or any app store, but at these links:

The ePub version has been tested on two Android readers, the excellent and free FB Reader and the powerful premium version of Mantano Reader. If you prefer a PDF (or other document format) use the Scribd link. And if you have any problems with either, please let me know. I’m not currently planning a .mobi (Kindle) version, but if there’s enough demand for it I can probably whip one up.

You might see a listing on Amazon someday, but for the immediate future I want this humble tome shared as far and wide as it can possibly go, with no restrictions whatsoever.

Can you help me out with that?

UPDATE: You can now read My Phone Book in Kindle format — just download this file and you’re done! Props to rockstar Ward Minnis for the conversion.